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Want to volunteer?

HIVsport is a completely run by volunteers. We do this so every penny people donate goes to support the aims of HIVsport which are:

  • Create, through sport, greater public awareness of the global epidemic of HIV and AIDS 
  • Provide education and training to people in all roles in sport around HIV and sexual health 
  • Support sports-related HIV and sexual health education projects 

Volunteering is simple. It's about giving your time to do something useful, without getting paid (apart from expenses).

In return you get the satisfaction of time and effort well spent. In addition, volunteering can be a great way to: meet new people learn new skills gain useful experience. It should also be fun!

The range of opportunities is huge. Whatever skills and experience you have, there is something that you can do. The best way to see what is available is to browse on the do-it database. Use the quick search (right) to get started.

The biggest problem for many people is finding the time to volunteer. It can reduce your choices if you don't have much time to spare, but many busy people do find suitable opportunities.

Once you start volunteering you should usually expect:

  • Payment of out-of pocket expenses (e.g. travel) 
  • A clear idea of what your role will be 
  • Appropriate training and support.

If you aren't clear about anything, don't be afraid to ask someone.

The above information about volunteering being simple is from Do-it which was launched in 2001 with the first national database of volunteering opportunities in the UK.

Naturally we would love you to consider volunteering with HIVsport but if you’d prefer to volunteer with a different organisation, perhaps one closer to your home and need further assistance try your local Volunteer Centre. You can also find more information about volunteering from the Volunteering England.

I’d like to volunteer with HIVsport. Please send me more information. 

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HIVsport would like to thank
Durex for their support


Durex's vision is that of an HIV-free world.

We have an overriding commitment to sexual health and a strong track record of supporting initiatives to raise awareness of HIV prevention for all.

This is why we are proud to sponsor HIVsport in its effort to promote sexual health in the field of sport.

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