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Fact or Fiction? Films

HIVsport was part of a European partnership funded by EuropeAid. The lead partner of our Millennium Development Goals Realisation Project was the Open Education Centre Foundation in Bulgaria. The objective of this project was to encourage young people and educators from Europe (Bulgaria, Romania, Italy and the UK) and Southern Africa to take action to deal with problems in their communities in support of realisation of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

HIVsport ran an international competition that encouraged young people to create a short film that illustrated how sport can raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. This could be interpreted in any way they chose, keeping in mind that the purpose of this film was to be used to educate young people in Europe and Southern Africa.

Each film deals with two different issues concerning HIV and AIDS and how sport can help raise awareness and educate young people about HIV and AIDS.

The education pack supports each short film and focuses on two topics for discussion that are raised at the beginning and end of each film. The education pack for these films can be downloaded from the left of this page.

Fact or Fiction? An HIVsport film and education pack from HIVsport on Vimeo.

View the full length 'Fact or Fiction? film (above) or each of the individual short films (below).

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HIVsport would like to thank
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Durex's vision is that of an HIV-free world.

We have an overriding commitment to sexual health and a strong track record of supporting initiatives to raise awareness of HIV prevention for all.

This is why we are proud to sponsor HIVsport in its effort to promote sexual health in the field of sport.

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